Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday, Link!

This week marked the 25th anniversary of the release of The Legend of Zelda. I'm guessing a ton of you have already seen this image, but if not, here is a pretty spectacular piece that a young artist know simply as 'Ag+' created in commemoration of the event.

Two lessons should be taken from this piece:
1. Never underestimate the power of the internet to make you famous overnight.
2. If you're going to spend a year making a piece this ambitious, please take the extra 10 seconds needed to sign your work!

And here is a video showing Ag+'s process (Thanks Eric!)


  1. This looks like Renaissance church art painted on Italian chapel walls. But it's just a game. Maybe a game is a form of religion! Is this where the mythology goes when religion loses its power?

  2. Just simply amazing!! A year well spent I say :)

  3. Here's a video to the painting from start to finish (sped up, of course, but it's still awesome!)

  4. Wow. Seriously awesome. For me, seeing an artist take the time and effort to venerate the greatness that is Zelda is incredibly satisfying and kind of validating. Like my childhood was turned into art.

  5. Howard, I agree. It's nice to see it brought to an epic level that it truly deserves. Makes me want to play some NES. ;)

  6. I think there's a tendency with asian artists, especially on Pixiv not to sign (or put a link preferably) on the work and tend to have them in high res. I've noticed so many 'orphaned' works that I like I have to post it on a forum to ask if anyone seen the work before.

  7. All I can say is Nintendo should do their utmost to find and contact this artist...he/she deserves something from them for this incredible piece of art...

  8. had to show this to my son.. a recent college graduate. a great piece, i am so pleased to have had the opportunity to see it.


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