Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ImagineFX #66-67

By A Shameless Justin Gerard ImagineFX recently asked me to do a two-part series on drawing for their magazine. The first issue of this two-part series goes on sale this month. To prepare for writing this article I read through 60 books on drawing, 40 books on anatomy, and several books on cattle rustling.
Along with the drawing article, this issue also features articles on Charles Vess and Matthew Stewart, as well as a modeling tutorial on airships that I am particularly looking forward to reading. This last article is important because I plan on taking over Peru, and as anyone who has ever considered the matter thoroughly, airships are the only proper way to do it.


  1. Just got it yesterday! I really like how back to the basics your workshop is. It's good to be reminded of the foundations.

    Oh and good luck with your megalomaniacal goals too!

  2. I am working on a project with airship. I guess I will have to check this issue out.

  3. So Justin if I may ask which books on drawing and anatomy do you suggest? Which of the 60 drawing,40 anatomy and several cattle rustling books are must haves? In any case thanks for taking the time and effort to do these articles.

  4. Awesome! Man I need to pick that issue up, I didn't flip through it the last time I caught it on a shelf, but it sounds like a great one this month. Well done, Justin. I've been meaning to brush up on my cattle rustling knowledge.

  5. Congratulations, Justin. I saw the Muddy Colors blog listed in my newly arrived March 2011 issue of ImagineFX and the tutorial too! Keep up the fantastic work.


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