Friday, February 18, 2011

Work in Progress

By Eric Fortune I have a fast approaching deadline so today's post will by fairly short. Here's a work in progress of what I'm currently painting on. This painting is for the upcoming Hi Fructose Show opening Mar 11th at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. For some other wip pix check out my personal blog here. I'm back to working in acrylic on watercolor paper and I must say it feels pretty good. I'll continue to post work in progress shots on my personal blog as I go for anyone interested.


  1. Is that show opening going to be open to the public? The show's website doesn't mention one way or the other. I live in Seattle, and would love to come see your work, and the work of the other artists involved.

  2. Totally open to the public:) The more the merrier. Some artists work I would like to see there; Aron Wiesenfeld, Dave Cooper, and Jeremy Geddes to name a few.

    You can see Jeremy's piece here

  3. Hi, the artwork is very meaningful to me...i love all about that painting, the color tone, the expression of the character, the character itself, and the mood..this is very beautiful painting...i wish i could have one painting like this :) very nice :)


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