Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mermaid-Lover and Red Sonja

By Donato

Here's a new one continuing my fascination with the sea and created for portfolio and gallery exhibition. It is nearly finished, and I plan on hanging the work at IlluxCon in November. My favorite part about this is the ambiguity in the narrative - is she caressing the helmet lovingly or threateningly? I really do not know...

'Mermaid-Lover', 20" x 24", oil on panel

Lastly a sneak peek at a new commission for Red Sonja. I think I have a theme of jilted lovers going on lately :)

'Red Sonja - Lover's Quarrel', 19" x 25", watercolor pencil and chalk on toned paper


  1. We were having a conversation about chainmail bikinis in Linkedin recently, great to see Red Sonja without one!!

  2. Its funny you say "lovingly or threateningly"
    I see it as he loved her, but shes toying with him in a psychotic, "I'm about to take off this helmet and drown you way."

  3. Judging by the diver's pose, I'd say he's been caught unwary of the mermaid's presence. He's scared. Something tells me things are going awry.

    The presence of the jellyfish (albeit beautiful as they are) also suggests danger. But I might be reading too much into it.

  4. Both are beautiful pieces, Donato. I like the Red Sonja illustration - she's obviously someone you don't want to mess with, but she's still looks beautiful.

  5. Something's fishy here ;)

    Beautiful mythological women have a vile streak to them. She might be enjoying terrorizing (and killing?) the submerged bystander.

    Also, I like the 'unfinished' look of Red Sonja.

  6. Two great images! The soft ethereal quality that you've created in the mermaid is fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished version of Red Sonja.

  7. Since the jellyfish is a sign of danger to the human man, I see her protecting him from danger.Almost gripping his mask with one arm floating upward toward to shore . His gripping a rope with one of his hands with maybe leads to the a ship? I see her lovingly concerned for him. I guess art speak differently to all it's just how you percieve it. ;)
    Denise M


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