Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awol no.4 Studies

By Justin Gerard

I am currently on the road so today's post will be a quickie of some studies done for an upcoming digital painting demo in Utah.


  1. Please post the painting demo results!

  2. Yeah...where and when will you be in UT?

  3. Wow, these are gorgeous. Please post the finals if you can! Don't know if you thought about this or not, but it would be awesome to have video of the demos...
    Have a good trip, and good luck with the sessions!

  4. I know the demo will be at Utah Valley University on early Thursday morning, but I don't have any specifics of what building/room- Anyone?

  5. There will be a lecture Thursday Night at 7:30 for a lecture class, followed by the same lecture at 8:30. Friday morning at around 9 there will be a demo. I don't recall where in UVU these will be held, but I'll be there.

  6. correction...

    Justin Gerard, public lecture 8:00 PM in EE 111. Not sure how much space there will be in that room.

    The demo will be at around 9:30 - 5 PM be there early..not much space in the room it will be in Gunther Trades 413

  7. No way, is that this week? I'm going to have to get some time off. Awesome awesome awesome.

  8. I'm trying to think of someone that does more beautiful pencil-work than you, Justin, and I'm coming up blank. Damn, sir, those are fine sketches!

    Is that the same toned paper that Donato uses?

  9. For the record, I am not Anonymous.

  10. I always wondered: why do painters sketch on beige paper? is it so you can use white (it looks like chalk in these samples)? as a cartoonist, i'm used to sketching on super-white bristol paper.


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