Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Diablo III : Book of Cain

by Petar Meseldzija

A few months ago I was having my well-deserved vacation and enjoying the warm and relaxing South Europe summer, when I got an email from Blizzard Entertainment. They asked me whether I was available and willing to participate within a book project named Diablo III : Book of Cain. The group of artists who were already working on this project included such notables as Alan Lee, John Howe, James Gurney, Iain McCaig, Brom, Jean-Baptiste Monge, among  others. My job was to do 5 detailed drawings.  Great commission, no doubt, the only problem was a tight deadline. After I came back from vacation, I had only 7 days left to do these 5 drawings. It was an impossible task, especially because the subject matter was new to me. However, after a few emails we came to the conclusion that I should do 3 instead of 5 drawings.

After a week of hard work  I completed the assignment and I hit the deadline. The client was pleased with the results (well, after a few corrections) and I was pleased because they were pleased and because the work was done on time. Yet another commission with a happy end, although the end of it would be even happier if I had enough time to do all of 5 drawings. Well, perhaps next time I will be more lucky with the deadlines.

Diablo III : Book of Cain is published by Insight Editions and will be available in November 2011.
If you want to learn more about this book or to preorder it, please go HERE.

And the drawings…? Unfortunately I am not allowed to show them yet. As soon as the book is available for purchase I will post the drawings.



  1. Wow so many masters on work.. incredible. This book must be a milestone.

  2. Hi Petar,
    I've noticed several other artists have come forth with this confession. ;)
    I think this will be an exceptional book.

    Will this be more of an "art of" book for the Diablo Universe? So far, I've only seen monochromatic drawings done for it. Do you know if there will be full color artwork as well?

  3. Holy crap what an awesome opportunity! I am both envious and excited. I can't wait to see more of the project once the book releases! Thanks for sharing this, Petar!

  4. Can't wait to see it, those are some of my FAVORITE artists! Congrats on the invite Peter, that's an elite club!

  5. Oh my....I just swooned. This book sounds amazing...I've loved Diablo for so very many years

  6. Pre-ordered, looking forward to it :D

  7. Just Pre-ordered, I may not be into Diablo that much anymore, but all those artists...in one book. I couldn't resist.

  8. Nasan – As far as I know this book contains primarily the drawings, or perhaps a number of lightly colored drawings as well. I don’t know for sure. We have to wait and see.


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