Thursday, October 20, 2011

George de Forest Brush

Here's some inspiration from the book  "George de Forest Brush - The Indian Paintings". I've always admired his work and thought I'd scan a few images to share here.

Hope you enjoy them,


  1. Great stuff, thanks, Justin. Howard Pyle mentioned G.d.F.B. quite often in his composition lectures, and his work must have influenced N.C. Wyeth's early indian paintings.

  2. Wonderful paintings! I actually checked this while up late doing an art project, and saw some solutions in the rendering of these paintings which I can apply to my own work. Thanks for that! You might have just bumped my grade up :)

  3. Those are fantastic. thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing paintings! Thanks for sharing

  5. I can definitely see the influence in your work. Nice stuff.

  6. The third one down is being displayed at the Seattle Art museum, and it was hands down one of my favorite paintings there. A lot of the subtle tones in the shadows are lost in the scan, they glow when you see it in person.

  7. "He loved Rembrandt. He admired George de Forest Brush and mentioned him often to me." ~ My Father by Andrew Wyeth

  8. Some of the most inspiring and beautiful paintings I've ever seen. I will have to check this book out!


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