Thursday, November 17, 2011

Death Mark - Dark Sun Painting

-Justin Sweet

This is a painting I did for Wizards of the Coast which was a redo (on my decision) of an earlier one that I felt wasn't what I was after. It ended up being way too late, so the former made it in. I'm still glad I re- painted it. I had to settle it. I think I painted this one 3 times.. I took some gritty photos of some of the stages. You'll notice in the early stage that I painted this on a canvas that had a drawing of The White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Final painting is 45x32.

This painting is currently on display at the Nucleus gallery.

Original sketch

                                                                            Digital study
                                                                      See the Witch?

Here's the photo from the gallery, a bit contrasty. Lost some air. 

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great painting Justin! I find it quite impressive that when you paint traditionally you get different end results and different marks from when painting digitally. Versatility is a prodigious skill. I was also wondering if you drew directly on the canvas before painting in oils (No transfer)? I've been meaning to get into this and am still wondering what process I should follow.

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    Long live "real paint"

  3. Stunning! Love how the hands are in different positions and how the skull's texture is so gritty and believable. Beautiful head-dress. Would love to see your paintings in real some time.

  4. Dark Sun is one of my favorite D&D settings and this painting is so beautiful!

  5. thanks for sharing, just awesome!

  6. Did you do this in water soluble oils? Have your thoughts changed on them?

  7. Great work. I love the brown tones of this. Wish I could see it in real to see the nuances and colours as they truly are..

  8. This still reminds me of the DRAW TIPPY ads. Start with an oval...then finish.

    There's some voodoo magic steps in there I'm not seeing. :)

    Gorgeous stuff, Justin.


  9. Thanks for posting this nice work. I'm wondering what you mean in the last post when you write, "lost some air".

  10. Since you were putting the underpainting on as you were painting rather than before hand...was there a particular medium (like English Distilled Turpentine) that you were using at the time that allowed the underpainting to dry so fast?

  11. You are so gifted, it's sick insane, crazy ridiculous. I've never had this gift, but I've always admired the people who do. Amazing!


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