Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gatorade Color

-By Justin Sweet

Put down the brushes and Wacom pen and picked up my pole and went fishing with my son and his friend. Once the poles were in the water, I dug out a brush from my bag, quickly dipped it in Gatorade, picked up some pigment from my little metal tin, and splashed it inside my sketchbook. Caught some fish too..

and some other drawings...

Thanks for looking.



  1. Once dipped my brushes in some brandy over in Pasadena's Rose Bowl area doing some studies of drinking...just needed the liquid from my flask. Good times.

  2. Gatorade has a pretty high sugar content, I'm curious if your pages were sticky at all once dried.

  3. What are your concerns when you draw from life? Light on form, color, character, line, texture? All of that stuff? Other stuff?

  4. Joshua- Not sure if the pages were sticky. When I finished I laid it open in the sun to dry, weighted with a couple of stones.

    Andre- I want to get the -life- from it. the quick soul. I don't think that would be easy without having knowledge of those things you mentioned though.

  5. Great sketches....thanks for sharing. It's almost like getting to look behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ. Behind all of the wizards and swords and dragons, there are regular everyday things like swimming and fishing with your children. Cool!


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