Conan Commission, part 4

by Petar Meseldzija

Talking about change…

Here are the new progress shots of the Conan painting. A few days ago I somehow managed to bring the painting to the edge of disaster, when I tried to paint the background. I needed to define the color and the values of the background first, in order to know how to tackle the rest of the painting.  It just did not work out. I got more and more desperate as I started to realize that my initial intention to paint the background  lighter than the foreground, was not a good idea after all. So, at the end of the exhausting day, I finally decided to make a radical change and to rearrange and repaint the background.
The painting looks still quite messy and far from being finished, but at least now I know how to proceed with it. 

Some paintings are destined to have a relatively smooth and more or less clearly defined path. Others are unpredictable and have a stubborn character. The paintings with the less “tamable” character tend to cause some headaches and sleepless nights, never the less, they often help us to transcend the dusty and established routes, and our cliché-thinking, that from time to time  need to be shaken a little, in order for us to grow and to bring our work to another level. I guess that not everyone like the turbulences that the change often brings with it, but if we want to be completely honest, we have to admit that the change (together with the transience) is the only permanent and certain thing in Life. It will never disappoint us by its absence. So I say, don’t be afraid, embrace it instead, as much as you can.