Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Painting - Fear

-Donato Giancola 

Here's a new one finished this past month as a cover in a series of novels by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.  The first image is that of Scholar, followed by Princeps, which I posted here a few months ago.  These novels are a great read as I love the protagonist and the way Modesitt has created the magic in this world.  I see it as a little like the world of Napoleon meets Psionics.

The fire embers in Fear play off the contrast of the snow/ash flakes in Princeps. I imagine them as sister paintings.

Otherwise my life is as I usually say, 'Head down, busy painting.'

Fear (Subcommander)
 24" x 36"
Oil on Panel


  1. Truly magnificent. The glow, and the fire encircling the horse and rider--stunning.

  2. That looks hot as hell ... in more than one regard. You have really captured how fire looks when it creates thermals and affects itself. I see pinks, blues and greens in it ... its mesmerising!

  3. great, big thanks for posting your sketches and thought process to your work as well.
    just out of interest: the main char has a very distinctive nose and mouth, did you use the same model as in the Jeanne d'Arc painting? or are you just trying to breath more life into your work instead of sterotypical beauty?

  4. Donato, your work would be a whole lot better if you would just learn to draw.

    Great stuff as always. Hope to see you again in May.

  5. Just love the energy and movement in this! =)


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