'The Daisy', Step 1 : The Sketch

-By Serge Birault

About digital sketching:

Here's the reasons why I do my sketches on computer:
- Symmetry. You can flip your picture very easily.
- You can erase without problem.
- You don't kill trees. Think about all the sketchbooks you already bought :)
- You can change your composition.
- You can do a messy sketch and clean it on the same file, just work on several layers.
- You don't have to buy an A3 scanner.
- Your cat cannot lay on it !
- You can use vector tools for geometric shapes.


Jan Ditlev Christensen created fantastic brushes for sketching. You can download the full pack here: http://cghub.com/scripts/view/83/

This brush is really great 

I usually don't work with grayscale, and I used to do only messy sketches, but let's try …

The girl, the robot and the background are on 3 different layers.

I didn't think a lot about the composition but it seems it works well.

The daisy is now a light. The composition is more interesting like that.

I will probably add details later … Step 2 : Painting :)