Thursday, July 5, 2012

ARC Awards

The International 2011-2012 ARC Salon Award Winners were just announced, and there was a very strong showing of Science Fiction/Fantasy illustrators this year. In fact, many of them took home prizes.

The word 'illustration' is often thought of a dirty word in the fine art scene, which I've always found perplexing. To me, commercial illustrators are some of the most talented artists in the world. So it's very nice to see high fantasy art (complete with dragons in some cases!), receive such notoriety along side traditional portraiture and still lives.

I have no doubt I'll miss a few, but just some of the Illustrators to take home awards include:

Donato Giancola
1st Place: Most Ambitious Work

Julie Bell
1st Place: Animal Category

Sam Burley
Most Creative Work

David Palumbo
Finalist: Figure Category

Don Maitz
Finalist: Figure Category

Howard Lyon
Finalist: Figure Category

Heather Theurer
Finalist: Figure Category

Patrick Jones
Finalist: Figure Category

Thomas Kuebler
Finalist: Sculpture Category

James Gurney
Finalist: Animal Category

There are, of course, a TON of other amazing and well deserving works. I highly recommend you go take a look at them at The Art Renewal Center's website. Be sure to click on each piece, as most of them have extremely hi-rez scans for your perusal.


  1. Congratulations on all winners and especially Donato whose beautiful 'Joan' mesmerized me at a first glance... and it seems I`m not the only one! Keep up the great work, guys! Commercial or not, high-quality art is still high-quality art.

  2. Illustration beeing seen as something "dirty" by fine art ?
    That would indeed be strange. Especially looking at these extremely high class works, I doubt that there are many "fine artists" out there who could do the same.
    Btw, thats the first time I hear from this contest. I'm not soselfconfident as to participate in it, but that sure seems like a good goal for the future. ^^

    Ah, am I wrong when I say that most of these pieces were done on a rather big scale ?

  3. Great art at its finest. Every piece is great, but as an animal illustrator I especially love the wolfs. ^^

  4. Omg, some of the works are so kitsch.
    But not an Odd Nerdrum kitsch. No.
    It's the tasteless one.

  5. Beautiful work! This is great news for the genre. I also noticed Thomas Kuebler is a finalist in the Sculpture category.

    Congratulations to all the award winners:)

    1. Thanks for that. I missed the whole category. Found Gurney too.

  6. Wooo Hooooo!!! Congratulations on well deserved awards!!!

  7. Bars being raised, grats to everyone!


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