Friday, August 3, 2012

A little bit of realism ...

Serge Birault

Not sure what "hyperrealism" really means, and it's not very important. Here's a list of painters who do incredibly technical stuff. If you don't like hyperrealism, at least you can learn a few tricks (a lot of them use to post and share steps).

Serge Marshennikov

Robin Eley

Atsushi Suwa

Hubert de Lartigue

Javier Arizabalo

Pedro Campos

Juan Cossio

Of course, it's not an exhaustive list. If you know some interesting hyperrealist artists, don't hesitate to post a link on your comments.


  1. Dang. Those are fantastic.

    There's also this guy, who is more into still life than figurative, but regardless:

  2. Very cool stuff,this artist works in pencil but his work is outstanding,definitely worth a won't be disappointed.

  3. Hi, Serge.

    I know that you don´t make realistic pictures (except some paintings that you dedicated to your wife, for instance).However, how do you find reference photos for particular poses and it matches with the idea of your inicial sketch or project?.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Wow those pieces are amazing! I cant even imagine how many hours went into these. Rendering the plastic in Robin Eley's piece mustve been killer. And Im still not completely convinced Arizabalo's isnt a photograph haha.

    I know of a hyperrealistic pencil artist too:

    And this guy does mind-blowing still life pieces:

    Thanks for sharing Serge

  5. Joseph Todorovitch:

  6. L'hyperréalisme, il me semble que c'est lorsqu'il y a du détail partout, c'est ce qui se rapproche le plus de la photo.
    L'oeil humain ne voit en détail que ce qu'il vise du regard, le reste est flouté, et bcp d'artwork s'inspire de ça, l'hypperéalisme c'est justement pas ça.


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