Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LlamaGate 2012

-By Justin Gerard

Excerpt from The Post Gazette, Oct. 10, 2012:

"In the wake of what is being called "The Llamagate Scandal," Justin Gerard's office has released the following:

"I want to apologize to everyone for the statements I made last week. I made some very foolish and insensitive promises involving llamas. It was childish and negligent. To all my fans and those who have supported me, I extend my sincerest apologies. 

 And to Llama-herders everywhere: I am sorry." 

Justin's original statements were met with a flood of outrage and confusion as media outlets everywhere scrambled to make sense of it. A long-time fan who preferred to remain anonymous said, "I just, I just can't believe he would promise a llama."
A local llama-herder said Mr. Gerard's statements were "downright spiteful and mean-spirited," and speculated that Mr. Gerard may not have a soul.
Meanwhile, the National Association of Goat Owner's praised Mr. Gerard's statements as "groundbreaking" and "honest," adding that "llamas are overrated anyway."

Mr. Gerard's office was not available for any further comment when contacted by this news agency."

For more on Llamagate Scandal 2012, please see http://quickhidehere.blogspot.com/2012/10/online-illustration-courses.html.

OK, so guys, it was an honest mistake. I wanted to generate some hype for this online course and so I made a few reckless promises. I mean, who hasn't these days? Who hasn't?

As a means to make it up, I have drawn for you this Luminous Golden Llama:

Also I have news on The Lamp Post Guild! Today the Guild is launching its Kickstarter campaign for its interactive courses. These courses are super in-depth and will offer a lot of step-by-step tutorials and lessons for you to take at your own pace. We are really excited about the possibilities of these. (I would have killed for something like this in college.)

My course will be on illustration.  From pencil thumbnail to final color image.
My dual course on "How to bake the perfect chocolate-chip cookie and Survive an International Scandal," is unfortunately not ready to launch at this time.

Pledges will receive early access to the courses as well as a variety of other oddities ranging from digital wallpapers to original oil paintings.

Check it out at www.LampPostGuild.com.


  1. *Sniff* he's so beautiful (golden lama), thank you for the lama. Thanks for the update, this sounds very interesting.
    You also have to keep us updated on the chocolate-chip cookie course. Thanks

  2. All hail the magnificence of the Golden Llama...

    Justine, the course looks fantastic, just pledged $50 to you and the team - go for it!

  3. Woohoo!! This very probably will be the first art course i'll take :)

  4. Nice Llama. What medium and brand do you use for the white when you work on toned paper? I'm thinking about trying toned paper instead of the usual white sketchbook.

  5. Uh, I hope I don't get blackballed for this, but I dirty limerick comes to mind:

    A Fellow who's surname was Bruno
    said, "F***ing is one thing I do know.
    A camel is fine and a sheep is devine.
    But a llama is numero uno."

  6. I shall forever cherish the Golden Llama... I will love him and pet him and call him George.

    *off to donate to the Kickstarter project*

  7. Just backed the project. Justin I'm so happy that such affordable education has been initiated by yourself plus Cory Godbey and Chris Koelle.
    Very much looking forward to learning from you and receiving my llama... especially my llama.

  8. I already backed! I would have killed too for something like this when I was studying, and now I feel it like a "must have" for anybody who loves illustration. Unfortunately, there is not many initiatives like that in spanish, and here in Spain there are a lot of talented illustrator that would receive this like mana raining from heaven ^_^. Thank you guys!


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