Saturday, October 6, 2012

Making Wonder Woman

-By Tim Bruckner

A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to design and sculpt a line of statues for DC Direct. I did eight. It was one of those rare experiences where you get to explore different ways to present iconic characters in a way they hadn’t been seen before.

Creating a sense of motion was most important. I tried to accomplish this through pose and composition. All but one of the statues has a hollow, sculpted core that moves directionally opposite the exterior. Cast in clear, tinted resin, as you move around the piece, those opposing shapes create movement.

One of the all time cool things about the line was getting to design them in the style of J.C. Leyendecker. Yes, and they paid me to do it!


  1. You did a fantastic job on these! I think they are the best comic sculpts I've ever seen.

    Are there anywhere these can still be ordered? How were the reproductions compared to these fantastic originals? I've seen so many good originals that looses too much quality when reproduced..

  2. So cool! Thanks for posting this. All really cool designs that turned out amazing.

  3. Fantastic! They certainly look like Leyendecker's style. Too bad the paint couldn't have Leyendecker's distinct brushwork and highlights, but that probably wouldn't look right on a sculpture. Very well done!

    Do you ever do roughs in Sculptris or a similar sculpting program?

  4. Fantastic to see the process on this! The Leyendecker Look really carries through well in the faces, especially Aquaman and Superman. Thanks for the sharing the video, Tim!

  5. Incredible sculpture, and the final result is even better!


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