Tuesday, November 27, 2012

David Gray Demos

By Justin Gerard

Matthew Innis recently posted on contemporary realist painter David Gray on his blog: Underpaintings.blogspot.com.  Along with having a really thorough overview of his process, both posts also have videos done by the artist himself which are amazingly insightful.

David Gray on figurative work

David Gray on still life work


  1. Love this Mr. Gray's art. I wish he would put out an instructional DVD.

  2. I watched these videos a couple times and I learned something every time. I love his art.

  3. that ghosting and redefining he does for the underdrawing is something that i try always to avoid, but everytime i do it i get the best results.. i hate you, ghosting!!

  4. Great piece - often for me, seeing other artists actually WORK as opposed to just seeing the finished product is 10X more inspiring. The way he works feels almost sculptural when watching the videos. These are ones for my reference bookmarks!!


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