Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Greatest Story Ever

A brilliant 8 page comic by Illustrator/Author Extaordinaire, Adam Rex.
(Via: The Rumpus)

Check out more of Adam's art at his website:


  1. amazing story, i had to laugh so much my pc almost ended up full of coffee

  2. Bloody Hilarious! Should come w/ a warning label against involuntary and spontaneous bodily, spastic actions due to acute laughter, etc ....

  3. More people should know about Adam Rex. The guy is pure, Saran-wrapped awesomeness. If you visit his website, be prepared to have every shred of confidence in your own work tossed out the window. He's that good.

  4. That's the best story EVER, Adam! No, I mean GREATEST. It's the greatestest bestest story of ALL TIME!!

    Geez, I love your drawings.

    You're right, Bill. Adam is an alien artist from Planet Best.




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