Friday, January 11, 2013

Funny pictures

                                                                    By Petar Meseldzija

In the nineties, I was doing posters for Verkerke Reproductions, a Dutch poster company  which was at that time one of the biggest in the world. They had offices all around the world. In 1998, just a few years before the collapse of the poster market and the Verkerke’s subsequent bankruptcy, they commissioned me to do three paintings that were supposed to be given as awards to the heads of the most successful Verkerke offices in three different countries. The only two things I had to pay attention to were that each painting had its own title that referred to the specific achievement , and that the paintings had to be funny.
So, I came up with these three pictures. The editors were satisfied and the originals were given to the winners. The pictures have never been published as posters and this is the first time that I show them on the web. The paintings were done in watercolor. Although I did not use any kind of reference while creating them, it is quite obvious that good old Norman Rockwell was in the back of my mind.



  1. Ha ha! Petar your range as an artist is always amazing.

    I hope to see you again at Spectrum Live!

    1. Hi Cory,
      Unfortunately I will not be able to attend Spectrum Live this time. Perhaps next year. Anyway, have a great convention!

  2. i believe all your words except reference needed for that motorcycle!

    1. I thought the same exact thing when looking at it!

    2. “To be(lieve), or not to be(lieve), that is the question” :)
      I suppose that you guys, too, will be able to draw a caricature of a motorcycle from memory, after you have painted three pictures of motorcycles. Or, am I wrong about that…?


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