Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spectrum Judging Completed

The entries for Spectrum 20 have been judged.... all 6000 + of them! The jury deliberated over the finalists last night, and will be announcing the Award Nominees later today!

More info here: Spectrum 20 Recap

L to R: Tim Bruckner, Mark Nelson, Irene Gallo, Michael Whelan, Cathy Fenner, Tim Kirk, Arnie Fenner.


And the Award Nominees are....

Craig Elliott, Forest Awakening
Michael C. Hayes, Procession
Android Jones, Ganeshatron
Greg Ruth, Three Outlaw Samurai
Dan Dos Santos, Dragon Empress

Brom, Wipi
William O'Connor, Wargriffin
David Palumbo, Fed
Shaun Tan, Never Leave a Red Sock on the Clothesline
Charles Vess, Tanglewood: I Didn't Know She Was a Bottle Witch

Jennifer L. Meyer, Aesop's Ark, Ch. 2, P2
David Petersen, Mouse Guard Black Axe #4, Page 19
Paolo Rivera, Daredevil #10
Paolo Rivera, Captain America #1
João Ruas, Fables #121

Concept Art:
Daniel Dociu, Guild Wars 2, Norn Lodge
Theo Prins, Southsun Cove
Paul Sullivan, Franken-animal
Justin Sweet, Marauders 2
Allen Willams, Tree of Tales

Dan Chudzinski, Turbulence
David Meng, Sashimi
Virginie Ropars, Mothra
Virginie Ropars, Acanthopis III
Katya Tal, Blanket Fairy

Sam Bosma, Stability
Chris Buzelli, Book Monster"
Sean Andrew Murray, He's Gone Full-Bird
Victo Ngai, Best of the Best
Sam Weber, Cancer Monster

Ed Binkley, A Cob of Chiseldon-Brimble
Lucas Graciano, Dragon Swarm
Tyler Jacobson, Ruric Thar, The Unbowed
Kekai Kotaki, Stampede
David Palumbo, Taken

Cory Godbey, The Fish Master
Lucas Graciano, Guardianship
Kekai Kotaki, Ride
Andrew Mar, Tell-Tale Heart
Tohru Patrick, Awa, Sudden Shower


  1. These upside down glasses mean the entry is not accepted? :)

    1. No. There is a little hole in the bottom of the cup. If a judge likes a piece, they put a bean in the cup. Because the hole is so small, the judges can not see if there are any other beans in the cup. At the end, they lift the cup, and if it has enough beans, it is accepted.

  2. Man, I don't know how the judges get through this process every year. It just seems like an information overload! Excited to see the results!

    1. It really is. After a while, you stop thinking too cerebrally about the art, and you get into this weird groove where you begin to really trust your gut reaction to a piece.

  3. But...where does it all get stored after the judging? I'd kill for a collection of prints like that. :P

  4. So Dan, with 5 jurors, if you are fortunate enough to get 3 beans, you are in?

    1. I think it varies from year to year. Sometimes if the jury is stingy, 3 may get you in. If they are generous, it may take 4 or even all 5 to get in. It comes down to averages.

  5. "A bean ballet! Spinning in air with their delicious perfection, the beans pirouette in slow motion, they somersault in slow motion. Some of them spin clockwise, some counter-clockwise, so they'll appear to be moving towards each other... until... they drop into a cup with a hole in the bottom..."

  6. Just a note: We took down the award finalist video temporarily because one of the pieces in the Concept Art category needed to go back under wraps for a little while due to a date change for the project. It is still a contender, we just can't show it at the moment under the new circumstances. We'll have a reedited video up ASAP.

  7. Alas, always a bride's maid. Maybe next year.

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