Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Ambush, 14 x 17"

Greg Manchess

When I was a kid, given the opportunity to choose which toy set to own--the cowboys and ranch, the GI soldiers, the knights and castle, or the spacemen and moon-base--I took the moon-base every time. Like the helmets I’ve shown here, I’ve always been excited by the astronaut image: vintage, real, or futuristic.

I feel at home here on Muddy, and figured you all would understand this interest. So, I’ve started a series I hope to continue, based on that long desire to imagine science fiction the way I used to as a kid without the painting skills.

This one, entitled, “Ambush,” will be on display at this year’s Spectrum LIVE 2.


  1. Beautiful! I love the texture. It makes me want to touch it! Thanks for sharing! Melody

  2. So, Greg, are we talking Major Matt Mason? :D

    Love the new piece - I support this new series 2001%!

  3. Love this! Great limited palette without it coming off as black and white. Cant wait to see it in May!

  4. Wow, really nice! Love the angle / point of view and the dusty and very real fabric. This image feels both warm and cool. Strange and cool effect!

  5. I'm glad you feel at home at Muddy Colors; it's a certain atmosphere that makes me prepare a good strong cup of coffee before checking out the latest feed here. I think many of us viewers feel quite at home here too, in our own ways!
    I've always been fond of your distinct way of putting down the colors, it's really an inspiration. Looking forward to the next one once I've finished checking out the strokes on this.

  6. wow , wow, and WOW. Just a masterful piece Greg! It's a clinic on mood, value , and of course: juicy brushstrokes Looking forward to stealing, I mean seeing it at Spectrum Live in May !

  7. Thanks for making us feel 10 years old again; battling out the fate of the Universe on that empty I mean the Moon.

  8. When I was a kid I wanted to be an Astronaut...and then I found out you had to be good at math and not be afraid of heights, so Much for that dream. Major Matt Mason was one of my favorite toys. Love your helmet painting series Greg. Can't wait to see more.

  9. This is beautiful mr. Manchess. So excited to see what you come up with, and I'm looking forward to seeing this in person at SFAL!

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  11. Retro-vintage sci-fi series from Greg Manchess? Yes please and thank you.

  12. Greg, I absolutely love this idea. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  13. you're a real inspiration greg! great work!

  14. Yet again, you all give me good reasons to indulge my science fiction side. THANKS for the kind remarks! If you love it that much, then I gotta do some more.

    Yes, I've plans for a few space soldiers in moon dust covered action scenes with bubble helmets. So far, they are in conflict with another band of renegade space cadets.....or something to that effect.

    By the way.....ahem....that's the latest in Moon Camo......

  15. Just watched that toy hunter show last night. He found one of those old Major Matt Mason helmets and bought it for around $800 I think. I'd rather have your painting. For some reason I always have the urge to bite your work Greg. Tasty.

  16. Awesome work! Can't wait to see more

  17. My paintings are made of vegan oil paint, gluten free, Bill!

    They come in bite-size, too...

    LOL! Thanks!

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