Cartoon face coloring

-By Serge Birault

Here's a small video process. A lot of people asked me for videos, so let's go ... It's just the way I work to paint a cartoon face. I only used the soft round brush, I changed the opacity of the brush very often. It's an A3 canevas, in 300 dpi.

Sorry for the crappy quality of the video but I didn't find the way to upload the videos in HD here, That's why I put the links on facebook. Choose "HD" option on the player ...

By the way, I uploaded all the videos on Vimeo here :

Step 1 : Sketching

HR in facebook here :

Quick sketch in two steps on two different layers.

Step 2 : Lights

HR in facebook here :

I choosed the background color and the light first. The sketch is on a "multiply" layer. I only use the soft round brush here ...

Step 3 : Cleaning

HR in facebook here :

I use to do very precise picture because a lot of my works have to be printed in very big size.

Step 4 : Skin texture

HR in facebook here :

I use the "dry brush" (a standard brush in PS) for the skin texture ...