Monday, August 26, 2013

Convention scribbles

                                                                   By Petar Meseldzija

During the past weekend, I attended a comic convention in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. It was a very pleasant and a quite busy event. For two whole days, I was signing and doing little sketches in my new art book. Here are a few convention scribbles I did at the Dark Dragon Books booth.



  1. Geez, makes me wish I had asked you to "scribble" in the book I got from you at Spectrum live!

  2. Truly a treat for all your fans. What type of pens/pencils do you bring with you to conventions for sketching in your books? Thanks!

    1. Brandon, I use fineliners and a few pencils, mostly B4 and B6.

      Thanks, Guys!