Illuxcon This Weekend

By Justin Gerard

Hey guys! I'm about to head out to Illuxcon to exhibit at the weekend salon and wanted to give you a quick preview of some work that will be there.  

I love doing small paintings for studies and will be bringing a few odd portraits of knights and dragons. 
Above is one of the brave fellows that will be there.  

Also, a here is a quick primer on how to paint a tiny 5"x7" painting:

Step 1: Draw in the shapes in raw sienna.

 Step 2: Fill in the shadows with burnt and raw sienna.

Step 3. Now just paint the whole dang thing. 

I will be bringing the new 2013 Sketchbooks as well other books and a lot of new prints. 
Also, I will be exhibiting the final oil painting of Smaug for the first time this weekend!  

Stop by and say hi if you happen to be passing through!