Saturday, September 21, 2013

Syd Mead, Online Gallery

Here is a great little gallery of some of Syd Mead's works, scanned in high resolution. Most of the paintings are old pieces of his, so they were created traditionally using gouache paints.

Syd Mead was a bit of an 'acquired taste' for me, and it took longer than I'd like to admit to catch on to just how talented this man is. So take a look, take your time, and if you like what you see, consider getting one of his many fantastic art books.

View the gallery here:


  1. Thanks for the post Dan. I agree with the acquired taste comment. His genius for me was more how the work translated to film than the actual pieces. Although over the years I grew to like the actual work more and more. Truly unique, and I don't use that word lightly especially these days, in it's vision.

  2. I'm still chuckling over the Playboy Land Yacht.

  3. It's pretty ridiculous how well he incorporates normal life and figures into futuristic scenes, I was especially struck by the genius of his graphic designs in the advertising everywhere. Pretty staggering that i've not spent much time looking at its work, and yet I find myself very familiar with it because of how influential it was to related media or how purely it came through in the movies it was done for.

  4. Nice album of images. Number 45 is a Ron Cobb image from Alien, its in Ron Cobb Colorvision on page 51.

  5. Pretty sure this image was done by Mikko Kinnunen for Bioware's Mass Effect, not by Syd Mead:

    1. Yup, noticed that too. #45 (Like Armand mentioned) and #50 are also not Syd's.