Thursday, October 3, 2013

Art by Venn Diagrams

-By Lauren Panepinto

As a designer, I have a deep love of infographics, and I have an especially soft spot for Venn diagrams. Sometimes I think the interwebs is constructed of 60% cats 30% porn, and 10% venn diagrams. And here are some fantastic ones that specifically pertain to being a working artist. 

Some of the below are original, some are adapts of different venns I have found, and some are redesigns of pretty internet-famous ones. I apologize for not being able to credit where they originated, I tried, but sharing has obliterated the original credits. (Remember to watermark your images, folks!) The "being a successful freelancer" venn idea has been kicking around for some time, but was most recently the topic of a Neil Gaiman speech. The rest are bits and pieces of conversations I've had over and over again through the years. Enjoy!

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