Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday To Us!

Muddy Colors turns 3 years old today!

Over the past 3 years, we have never missed a single scheduled day. That's more than ONE THOUSAND posts detailing our paintings, our process, our failures, and our inspiration. Somehow, after all that time, this amazing group of contributors still manages to share something insightful week after week.

There have been some real gems scattered throughout the last 3 years of posts. How many of the 1000 have YOU read? Here are some of my favorite, and some of the most popular posts, you may have missed:

Our very first public post on October 25, 2010, by Arnie Fenner:

Greg Manchess' first "10 things" post, which has since turned into one of my favorite recurrent posts on the entire blog:

The inimitable Adam Rex tells us how he crafts one of his award-winning picture books:

Serge Birault gives us tips on how to make your digital paintings look more like real paint:

The introductory post to 'Dragon Fortnight', 2 weeks of nothing but dragon-themed posts:

How to build a free website in less than 10 minutes (seriously!):

The ever aloof, and amazingly talented, Paul Bonner graces us with a guest post:

In one of my favorite posts ever, Chris Moeller talks about those incredibly difficult years immediately following art school:

Jesper Ejsing shares his entire process in an in-depth 2-part post:

One of our most popular posts of all time, Jordu Schell proves that nothing goes viral quite like Star Wars fan art:

Eric Fortune starts a great dialogue asking if Art School is even worth it any more:

A quick rundown of some of my favorite art books from 2010:

Arnie Fenner gives us an inspirational glimpse at what some of our favorite artists were doing BEFORE they were our favorite artists:

Our very first "Crit-Submit", where we revised our reader's art (which I promise will make a return someday soon!)

Todd Lockwood does a 2-part guest post, and blows us all away with his comprehensive understanding of Curvilinear Perspective:

Justin Gerard, always in search of better methods and mediums, shares his experiences with traditional oil paints vs. water soluable oil paints:

A posthumous homage to one of the greatest fantasy artists to ever live:

10 different artist's takes on the same subject, shows us that even old ideas can still prove innovative:

A comprehensive step-by-step on how to professional photograph your artwork:

Donato instills us all with a little bit of hope, as he shares the progression of his work from age 10 and up:

Paolo Rivera discusses one of the most important, and under appreciated, aspects of any painting, Presearch!

Last but not least, the last known videos of Moebius drawing:

So what were some of your favorite posts? Please share with us in the comments section!


  1. Congratulations to THE most inspirational and informational forum of knowledge I am aware of!

    I don't want to pinpoint separate posts that are my favorites, but most definitely wanted to drop a comment about the overall superb work you guys and girls are doing. MuddyColors has progressed over the years, and always for the better. I've been very happy to see Lauren Panepinto join the roster lately, to give yet another viewpoint to the craft. Very informative and interesting posts!

    And of course, all of you deliver, always. I have a lot of blogs on my daily list, and most of them go skippedy-skip - MuddyColors stops me every time.

    Hopefully you feel the love that I believe all your readers share for you. All the best, and most importantly:


  2. Here's wishing many happy returns of the day to my favorite blog! I am so glad there is a place where impressive people are willing to share their insight, experience and amazing art.
    James Gardner

  3. And a fantastic time it has been so far! Thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience. Congratulations!

  4. Happy bday to you guys and congrats to a fantastic blog!

    Thanks for all the daily inspiration :)

  5. Congratulations, and thank you folks for it! This was a really helpful post...when I was first pointed in the direction of this blog I tried to go back and back-read everything but clearly I missed a few gems!

  6. 'scuse me Dan.....but couldn,t help noticing the recommendation. Always appreciated - but what's with the "ever aloof"?!!

    1. It's American slang for "ever badass", for the proper Brits in the crowd. How's the site coming Paul?

    2. Thanks for the clarification, Bill. Off-shore bombardments have often been instigated for lesser reasons. Happy to report that this one has been cancelled.
      The site, as it is, just needs me to press another button. Relieved it's not a Red one this time.

    3. Actually, it was a typo. I mean to to write 'elusive'. But I think 'aloof' works too! No insult intended, Paul.

    4. Thanks Dan. Completely different meaning this side of the pond.............big Happy Birthday by the way, and thanks for what, by now, must be an incredible tally of hours that you've expended on the blog. Don,t know where you find them but keep unearthing them. You make a lot of people very happy and inspired.

  7. Without a doubt, this blog enlists some of the most generous souls around. Happy Birthday Dan! And to all the contributors, please, keep those posts coming. There are many of us out here soaking up your knowledge, advise, and experience.

  8. What became of crit submit 4? Don't remember seeing the results to that one? Btw, never stop. Best blog ever!

  9. Happy Birthday Muddy's! Thanks for all the informative and inspirational posts.

  10. One of my favorites by far was the Paul Bonner guest post, I keep it stashed on my iPad for inspiration. The Rag & Bone post, all the PACT posts, the Spectrum posts, and every bit of direct, practical illustration advice from all these modern masters. Thanks so much for being one of the few "must read" sites on the net. Happy Solar Orbit! May there be many more.

  11. I concur with the Paul Bonner guest post being the best. My second favorite was when my submission was selected as the second crit submit. It's still probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

    I have to say a big thanks to Dan and all of the other muddies for all of the hard work they put in. I visit this blog at least twice a day to keep me motivated. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that you share with us every day. I would say I've gotten at least the value of a second college education free of charge, simple by reading your posts.

  12. This blog is the boss!
    A huge thanks from Sweden and to all of the participants connected to it.
    And happy birthday!

  13. I just want to say you guys do an incredible job keeping up a daily schedule. I know how insanely hard it is to do that. I always enjoy the eye candy and nuggets of wisdom I get when coming here. Really. Thank you and proper respects!

  14. Congratulations. That is a Herculean effort to post that regularly for so long. Not to mention so many amazing, inspiring and informative posts!

  15. Congrats and a huge thank you for all your time and effort! You all truly make a great impact on so many. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience!

  16. Many congratulations, and many thanks for the excellent content you guys consistently deliver!

  17. Congrats everyone! I'm glad for yours!
    And sincerely, thanks for sharing! There's no way to retribute that learning, except guaranteeing you that we learned too much! Have no doubt of it!
    Your job is awesome! Keep going!

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