Saturday, October 26, 2013

The White Test

This post is already a few years old now, but it seems to be making the rounds again, and rightfully so.

Before Muddy Colors existed, artist Jonathan Linton posted an article on his blog detailing the results of his 'White Test' experiment. Jonathan sampled dozens of different brands of white oil paint, let them age for 5 years, and then rated them on much they yellowed over the years. The results may shock you!

I, for one, am changing my brand of white immediately.

Want to know what the best white is? The worst one? Read the entire article, and see the results at Jonathan's blog HERE.


  1. I wonder if he ever got to the walnut oil binders?

  2. Oh woe!!!! I only use cremnitz white, although since Windsor and Newton's became as difficult to obtain as hen's teeth I've switched to the version offered by Blue Ridge. I hope that doesn't have strange yellowing tendencies as the W&N seems to.

  3. What a neat and helpful experiment! Thanks for the link!

  4. An easy take away from the comments that may be over looked:

    "If you add driers, use cobalt drier and buy fresh every year."

    i love an excuse to go buy a new supply!

  5. I usually just look at the cruddy build up under and around the cap of my oil paints. That will tell you what color they will be in a few years.


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