Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Extasis" - Artist's Magazine

By John Jude Palencar

I was happy to learn that the Artist’s Magazine awarded my painting “Extasis” First Place in the Portrait/ Figure Category for their 30th Annual Competition. “Extasis” will be featured in a double page spread along with the other award winners in the December 2013 issue now available at your local newsstand or bookstore.

I was truly surprised that the painting was accepted due to the unusual nature of the subject matter. This was made more gratifying because this is one of my personal works and is part of an ongoing larger body of work I am creating for a future unnamed and unscheduled exhibition. I would like to thank Maureen Bloomfield, Editor of the Artist’s Magazine for the wonderful article.


  1. That's gonna be an incredible show! Hope I can see it--in the fullness of time.

  2. You better have that show where I can get to it. John, you remain my inspiration. Did that just get a little weird?

  3. Congrats! That's a really nice painting!

  4. Congratulations! It's a wonderful painting!

  5. Some time ago you explained your process here (ar lest, one of them!).
    I'm marvel that this is acrylics and not oil.

    If I remember well, you work through acrylics washes, right?

  6. Hi Guys - Thank you for the supportive comments. Hopefully I will be posting more of my personal work as time goes by.

    Thanks again.



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