Friday, November 15, 2013

How to Get Hired

Here is a wonderful article by Cartoonist, Ryan Estrada, about how to get hired as an artist. It was just too good not to share, and a perfect follow up to Lauren's post from yesterday.

I've mentioned before how important I think it is to offer something unique in this industry, and this article also touches on that notion a bit. Here is a small sample:

What opportunities do you want?

For years, I ran a custom comics site called Cartoon Commune. I spent all day lamenting all the time I had to spend drawing superheroes, which I had little interest in. But customers just kept ordering them. At no point did I consider the fact that my web site was covered in superheroes, and didn’t contain any of the types of comics I wanted to draw. I assumed people wouldn’t WANT to hire me for those types of comics.

Now, I focus my energy on making things I like. I am an artist/adventurer, so I post stories about my travels. These days, when I do work for someone else, it’s for a graphic novel guide to traveling on the cheap… or to write a tale inspired by my experiences in India. It’s to perform a radio show about the most interesting people I’ve met around the world. Because those are the things I love, the things I offer that no one else does, and the things I show off.

If you make art no one else can, you have no competition.

Ryan also poses several questions that will really help an aspiring artist better assess their work, and their goals. Please follow the link to read the full article: How to Get Hired, you'll be glad you did!


  1. Wow, this is a fantastic article Dan! Thanks for sending it our way.

  2. Exactly. Art is really a tricky thing, because a lot of factors play into it, most of which has to do with subjectivity. But that is the key right there. In the end, the work has to come from your personality and your very being. You cannot fake another kind of work; you can only take a shot at it from your vantage -- a salient point in increasing your market value and the likelihood of your employment. No one would buy into your work if you are not sold into it yourself. Best of luck to artists everywhere.

    Kevin @ Barracuda Staffing


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