Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mirror Sight

By Donato

Once again I am sorry to state I am 'head down, working' in the studio on yet another A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) image for the 2015 calendar.  I am pouring my heart into these twelve images, thus my desire to spend every minute I can between now and their due date in February on them.  Hopefully when you see the art in July 2014, you may concur it was worth the wait.

Until then, to prove I can work on other content, here is a new release for Kristen Britain's forth coming fantasy novel in her Green Rider series, Mirror Sight.

30" x 24"
Oil on Board


  1. It's frustrating how easy you make it look.

  2. Every time I think you cannot possibly get any better you prove me wrong. I love seeing u push yourself in new directions. Fantastic composition! -Nate

  3. Oh man, Donato, that is one exceptional piece. Excellent and imaginative use of setting, modeling and lighting.

  4. Never apologize for taking the time to create another one of your fabulous paintings. We are always eagerly awaiting the next one.

    Scott Talevich


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