Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Popped Culture

-By Dan LuVisi

Hello everyone!

Guess what? I'm painting again, and it feels wonderful.

This year is shaping up to be great. Some big things to announce soon, but for now I have to be hush. We've recently adopted an awesome artist into our company, Section 9. Alex Konstad and I have been friends for a bit, and I've been dying to get him down here to help develop and create IP.

So today I have a fun announcement to make. My friend Alex Konstad and I will be releasing a book called Popped Culture this year. Inside will be paintings by both him and I, as we illustrate the horrors and dark undertones of the past and present pop culture genre. Ranging from movies, cult hits, cartoons, comics and more.

Eventually we'll perhaps Kickstart it, as the general response has been warm. For now, I offer but a glimpse into this dark world. No release date yet, but until then, I'd like to bring you up to date with some of the art that I have done for it. Also included will be a brand new Adventure Time piece by yours truly, and a few from Alex Konstad.

Enjoy, and more soon.

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Jake the Snake 

My Brother's Keeper 

The Duck 

Eve of Destruction

Grand Theft Otto

Grand Theft Otto: Homer's Final Stand

Grand Theft Otto: Lenny and Carl, Krusty's Cocaine Cowboys

The Muppets: Drive 



The Muppets: No Country For Old Men

The Streets: Cookie Monster


Brawler Ralph


And a couple of pieces from Alex Konstad! (More to come)


  1. This is awful, awful stuff. Seriously dude, this is sick... fantastic rendering skills though so kudos on the epic display of talent! Just goes to show- even if you're challenging the bounds of taste with everyones most revered childhood IPs, if you do it with this much artistic mastery folks will get on board with it.
    Some of the most powerful Fine Art I've seen for a long time :)

  2. Typical, nihilistic, and negative portrayal of innocent childhood icons. (Perhaps in an effort to be "edgy" or "controversial"?) Meaningless, and mean-spirited. ...But well rendered.

  3. With great talent, comes great responsibility.

  4. I'm with running head and Phesten on this. It's just my opinion but creativity is coming up with something new not taking something that already exists and spoiling it.

  5. Seriously... every one of these paintings made me laugh/cry.. they're so horrifying and amazing at the same time. My gawd.


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