MicroVisions Ending!

G. Manchess, 20000 Leagues

The latest MicroVisions show, hanging at the Society of Illustrators in NY, is about to end its eBay auction of the originals on Thursday, May 29th, at 11am.

The show includes work by Robert Hunt, Iain McCaig, Richard Anderson, Carla Ortiz, Nicolas Delort, Eric Fortune, Steve Bellidin, Tran Nguyen, and Greg Manchess.

Iain McCaig, Rip Van Winkle

It is remarkable how affordable these tiny gems are to own. The generosity of the artists have created and made these originals accessible to help fledgling illustrators build their career. The sale of the paintings will benefit the Society’s Scholarship Program, adding to a wide variety of award levels for passionate students of illustration.

This series of 5x7 paintings and drawings is surely to be included as one of the best years of MicroVisions. Many thanks to the Society, Irene Gallo, and Dan Dos Santos for making the show possible.

Nicolas Delort, untitled

Richard Anderson, untitled

Eric Fortune, untitled