Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Drybrush Master

Here is a new documentary about our very own Greg Ruth!


  1. Great insight into not only his work and creative process but also the lifestyle he's built behind that to accommodate it. Working out that part isn't as often shown but is necessary just the same. Inspiring.

  2. What a beautifully produced documentary about a great artist. The street scenes capture the sense of place, and the closeups are so artistically shot and edited. Wonderful to see his son talking about his dad's work, too. I'm wondering who made this docu and how it came to be?

  3. Moving and inspiring. Simply wonderful.

  4. Thanks everyone- I was going to do do this friday's piece on this doc... and intended to still, but it was made by the excellent Ben Tobin, who has been doing a series of artist docs on some local folks around here lately. Anyone interested in more about Ben, check back friday and I'll see about including more info and the rest once he signs off. He's been great to work with and really devoted.

  5. Very inspiring. Beautiful film and beautiful art.

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