Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Work for Illuxcon

By Justin Gerard

Illuxcon 7 is nigh!
And we are about to leave for it. This year, along with some of our existing work, we will be bringing a lot of new work as well.

Some of the new drawings that I will be bringing:

And while I have been screwing around with watercolors and pencils, Annie has been hard at work on some amazing new oil paintings that she will be debuting this year at the show:


Stop by and say hi at the Illuxcon Main Show, September 17 - 21 at the Allentown Art Museum in Allentown, PA!


  1. Lots of lovely stuff from both of you.Love the little Aztec-ish amphibian, Justin. And where did the political commentary come flying in from Annie? You creative, clever couple.

  2. I absolutely love these. I am awed and inspired.

  3. Man, what an art drop! That comics-reading chameleon is really cool. And curious - is the Warg-rider & puppy the same drawing from the demo you did at SFAL, or a re-work? Great work both of you!


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  5. Uh-oh... it appears a spammer may have gotten in to the forums^^^. Or less this is an inside joke I'm not getting haha.
    I am constantly impressed by the weight and flow of your pencil lines, so beautiful. I'm not as familiar with Annie's work so this post is a real treat. I love the Cerberus puppy(ies?), viciously cute.


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