Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thrones and Bones: Frostborn

By Justin Gerard

I just got back from DragonCon 2014 in Atlanta!  While I was there I did a book signing with Lou Anders for his new book Thrones & Bones: Frostborn, which I had the opportunity to provide the illustration work for. 

Ladies, ladies, we're just some average guys signing some books here. It's no big deal.  

Apart from the cover art, (which had a dragon, so it was great to work on) I also did the interior artwork, which features an assortment of strange characters, dubious monsters and powerful artifacts.

One of the most interesting little about these books (This is book 1 in the series) is that Lou creats and designs actual board games for the books. (Strategy and board games are big theme in the stories) Before they sent me the art requests he had actually gone through the trouble of building the physical sets as well.  The instructions are included in the end notes.

All in all it was a great project and I look forward to sharing the rest in the series with you as we get those finished. Check it out at:


  1. Awesome work Justin! How many illustrations are inside the book itself? May pick it up.

  2. The artwork looks awesome, as always!! Just for your info; that game board ain't exactly new, it's an old nordic game named Hnefatafl and has been around for 1200+ years.

  3. For an "average guy" they are some beautiful drawings Justin. Have to try and get my hands on a copy - if all the ladies haven't snatched them up.

  4. Those are some sweet illustrations, but now I want new tafl bord pieces.

  5. These are superb, Gerard. I am such a fan of your work.

  6. Amazing work! I'm a big fan of your work specially when it includes some BW pencil characters illustrations.


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