Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Book of Giants Kickstarter campaign

                                                                  By Petar Meseldzija

A year ago, I made an important announcement in connection with the publisher of my new book on giants, which was still in development at that moment. The time has finally come for the next major announcement:

John Fleskes, from FleskPublications, and I have launched a new Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for The Book of Giants. The art, text and designs are done for the book. We plan on sending it to the printer immediately after the campaign ends in early January.

Please visit this link for the full details, to watch our promotional video, to view more sample pages and to see the original art options that are available.

This has been a "long ride", although pleasurable and in the end quite rewarding. It took more than a year to make this book. First of all, I had to collect all my drawings and painting of giants that I had created during the past 25 years. Then, I made more drawings and paintings, and wrote the text of the entire book.  I also worked on a draft of the book. Now, I don’t think of myself as a designer, let alone as a good one. Nevertheless, I had to take up the challenge of designing the book because I had it in my head--and heart--for a long period of time.  Although a bit vague at the beginning of the process, this vision grew in strength and clarity as the work on the draft progressed. After a few months of research, experimenting with various designs, and hard, continuous work, I finally became sure about the book’s general concept, and how I wanted the book to look like. The process of designing the actual book took almost a year. It must be said, however, that I would never be able to achieve my goals and finish the job properly, and on time, without the competence, skill and kindness of Arpad Terek, the designer whom I worked with on this project for the past year.

Thanks to John Fleskes, who showed the interest in my book and supported and encouraged us throughout the process, I am now able to say, and not without a certain amount of pride, that my newest and perhaps the most complex creation to date, The Book of Giants, will be published by Flesk Publications early next year!


  1. Excellent Petar, i can't wait. It looks incredible!

  2. Thank you, Myke! And, please help us fund this campaign by spreading the word. Cheers!

  3. ooouh dont do shipping to south America :(

    1. I am very sorry, Juan!
      Due to many problems with previous shipping to South America, the publisher has decide not to ship there for the time beeing. Again, I am sorry. I guess you will have to wait until the book is out and available on the internet.

  4. Thank you for that beautiful video! I enjoyed what you spoke about Petar. I have similar thoughts about my own art. I am excited to see any future projects you pursue.
    John Buro
    Mia Oconnor


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