Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Comic Con Angoulême

-By Jesper Ejsing

It is very early in the morning. I am packed and ready to go. At the airport I will join with the rest of the guys from the studio and we will all go to Paris, and then on to Angoulême, and the fantastic Comic Convention.

I especially look forward to meeting this lovely french lady:
Claire Wendling
And this awesome dude:
Didier Cassegrain

I will post an interview with both artists as soon as I can.


  1. Claire's work reminds me of the great Gil Kane. Can't wait to read the interviews!

  2. One question is this every year? I mean the Comic con. If I had known I would have made arrangements to go. Being in Europe I sort of always feel left out when it comes to cons especialy comic cons.
    Jesper is this every year?

  3. Yes William, this event is every year and is the most important comic con in france (and Europe?).
    It is called "festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême".
    Never came to an american comic con so I can't compare size, but for what I've seen so far, it's a big concentration of huge talented artists from all walks. Publishers are mostly european.
    The problem is that it rains certainly every year, and it is very cold. The city is too small for the event, very complicated to find a bed time for a weekend, but continues to take place every year. This is the 42th edition this year, the authors present signing their albums (for free as it usually is in France) and will try to demonstrate against the situation of impoverished profession.
    But it is also a most important rendez-vous to meet friends in the art.

    1. Angoulême is one of the most prestigious comics festivals in the world and draws over 250,000 visitors. The only larger convention is Comiket in Tokyo, which attracts 500,000 visitors. For comparison, the largest shows in the U.S. (including San Diego and New York) attract something around 150,000 people. :-)

    2. Thank you for the details! I didn't know Angoulême is larger in terms of crowd (sorry bad english) that American festivals. I not had the chance to come and see it there. For Angoulême the city is so small that you will not realize the number of people when signing books ^^
      Thanks again

  4. Thanks BIS. I'll be looking for this next year. ;-)


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