Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sketchbook 2014 Wrapping Up

Yesterday, we finished shipping out all the Limited Edition copies of "Sketchbook 2014: Dwarves, Dragons & Other Miscreants"! As is my yearly tradition, today I am doing a wrap-up post to show some of the sketches that came about during Annie and I's 4-day sketchathon.   

True to the book's title, there were a great many dragons...

...but we also had our fair share of knights, ents, fairies and wizards to round out the mix. 

 And of course there was a great deal of miscreant trolls, orcs, goblins and other assorted ne're-do-wells.  


We were really pleased with the production this time around. The colors reproduced really well and the printing went really smoothly.  Thank you to everyone who ordered and I hope you enjoy them!

Lastly: We sold out of the limited editions on day one, but we still have a number of standard edition copies left! To see more check them out on our store.  

Last Lastly: To see some of Annie's original drawings from her 2014 sketchbook, "Daughters of Oceanus," visit her blog post here!


  1. not sure why this is amazing but it is

  2. Always nice to have someone to do a sketchathon with. Looks great Justin.

  3. So cool, can't wait for my copy to arrive! :D

  4. Currently enjoying. The elf-maiden sketch in ours is gorgeous. Thank you Justin!


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