Tuesday, May 26, 2015


-By Dan dos Santos

A few months ago I was asked by DC Comics to do a double page spread for their upcoming 'Mad Max: Fury Road, INSPIRED ARTISTS' art book.

The film would not be released for months yet, so we had limited visual reference to work from. We did receive a video of George Miller discussing the concept art, the world and basic character points, but were left in the dark about actual plot specifics.

I suspected that many of the other artists would choose an action packed scene to depict. So I instead decided to show Furiosa in a more calm, pensive moment... Perhaps watching the horizon for War Boys before resting for the night.

The art book, showcases the work of 65 different artists, including the likes of: Tara McPherson, David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz, George Pratt, Dave McKean, Paul Pope and many more.


  1. My God that's what I call a dream job ... Beautiful light, Dan, very subtle, well done. The dusty cover of the book is awsome too.

  2. Lee Bermejo's piece (the one at the bottom) is hands down the best, btw I am a huge fan of his art, I might just be a little bit biased here. His mastery of lighting, color, human anatomy rivaled only by the lights of Alex Ross, and Adam Hughes .

  3. Very nice work Dan! I hope this movie doesn't disappoint me when I see it since everything I see and hear makes me want to see it more and more.

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