Wednesday, May 20, 2015


-By Jesper Ejsing

I have a series of paintings eating up all my time these last 2 weeks. Today I have only a couple of Giants to share with you. They are the front figures for an adventure series from Paizo, called Pathfinder - Giantslayer.

They were all penciled out on paper and then painted in Photoshop. 


  1. between creepy, brutal and proud these characters are gorgeous Jesper!
    Do you plan to show us W.I.P file for them? I would be highly interested to see your process and how far you go with your sketch while painting digital.

    1. It's not like a full process workup but he did have a previous post on the female that shows the pencil sketch.

    2. thanks, i missed this one :).

  2. They all look amazing! Very creepy and beautiful in their own, mutated way : D

  3. These are every bit as great as the stuff you paint traditionally; you must be doing it right! If you haven't given Manga Studio 5 a whirl, I highly recommend it for digital painting. It's not that the result is better, just that the feel of the brushes and workspace seems closer to their traditional counterparts. Especially with Ray Frenden's brush sets, that guy is a MS brush-making genius :)

  4. Amazing isn't enought! your works inspire and push others to work harder! thanks!

  5. [joke about mother-in-law looking similar to one of the aforementioned giants]

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  8. So nicely done, but here's a challenge... All of these creatures- and indeed, so so many of this sword/fantasy kind- are grotesque and promise to be more than a bit evil towards us if we should ever cross their path in a darkened cave. I wonder, have you ever created a character that offers as much impact, and is as visually and equally imposing, but that radiated both grace, beauty and (dare I say it) goodness?

    In fact, I'd almost say it seems easier (if I can use that word) to create these warped, goblin-esque evil characters. Is good harder? Tolkien has done it in the written form- apparently, Gandalf was equal to the task of defeating the balrog- but visually, can say, Elrond be made to look as powerful and threatening as the leader of the Uruk-Hai? Beauty but with the same promise of overwhelming (yet restrained) force?

    Just a thought.

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