Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fire Giant

-By Jesper Ejsing

My damned computer is acting up. It will not allow me to log in as myself but considers, me of all people it knows, as a standard user, giving me only a little slice of the cake I call my computer. we got that out of the way I will show you what I have recently made for Paizo´s Pathfinder.

This is the main figure for the cover of GiantSlayer number 5.

I feel most comfortable sketching in pencil. This one is on A3 paper. When I am happy I add some greytones and in this case, some color to show how I imagine the hair/beard to be living flame. In the pencil it looks more like hair.

After that I painted him up in tones of brownish grey. i can only stand that stage for so long and way before I should I begin to overlay and add colors and then there is no turning back.

I thought of gorilla features when designing his face. I think Giants should look Non-Human, to not be mistaken for a man.   I played around with orange bounching light especially in the metal parts. The bright white ( cold ) edge light helps establish a contrast to the warm flames. it is my one advice on colors; try thinking of temperature rather than specific color. It gives you the best readability and 3d effects.


  1. Adoro o jeito que você trabalha com a luz e os reflexos dela Jesper.

  2. AWESOME work on the character portrait, when i see character designs i like to image the portrait of the face as an icon or tabletop token and see if i can feel the emotion and character from just that, and i can.

    i love how simple you make fire look and the warmth coming through his fists is just great.

    was there any direct reference or inspiration for the armour design?
    and i always wondered do Paizo have character/design templates for these races or are they all your designs

    1. Carl. There is always the Monster manual from Paizo. I try to follow them as much as I can but at the same time they often ask me for a personal take on the figures. The armour was made up of shapes I liked for good silhouette reading.

  3. Great hands and face Jesper. Must be a bugger having to shave………...


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