Thursday, September 10, 2015

More X-Men

-By Dan dos Santos

It seems that the more swamped I am with deadlines, the more I just want to work on personal pieces.
Here are a few more X-Men paintings I've been picking away at in my spare time.

Here is one of Kitty Pryde and her dragon familiar, Lockheed. I wanted to give this piece the feel of a classical portrait, so I decided to paint it on canvas, and a bit larger than my previous X-Men paintings.

'Portrait of Ms. Pryde'
Oils on Canvas, 14x18 inches

I started this piece off with a fairly refined pencil drawing on canvas. I then sealed the pencil with an acrylic wash of Quinacridone Gold, and a bit of magenta.

You can see some subtle differences in Lockheed's face. I struggled with his look for a while, trying to find the right balance that would make him feel real, while still maintaining his comic book features.

And here is one I recently did of Gambit as a live demo for The Illustration Master Class. I'm trying to keep the miniature paintings fun for me by making them as spontaneous and as unreferenced as possible. I started with a small thumbnail on a scrap of paper, and then just jumped right into the drawing directly on my board.

Photo © Irene Gallo

I wanted to demonstrate the use of a variety of materials for the students, so I ended up using a lot of different mediums, including: pencil, acrylic washes, acrylic airbrush, colored pencil, and oil paints. None of these mediums were particularly essential, but they work well together when handled properly.

Mixed Media on board, 8x8 inches

And some of the previous X-Men in the series, which I hope there will be a lot more of soon...


  1. These are great. If you ever do a bigger wolverine please post it. It is a shame that it is illegal to sell posters of these for copyright reasons.

  2. Still really really love that Nightcrawler piece.

    1. Yeah, it's still my fave too, which is discouraging to me because it was the first one. ;)

    2. It shouldn't discourage you. I mean it's Nightcrawler. There's pretty much no one that can live up to the happy go lucky Fuzzy Elf! I think you just set an impossible bar for yourself.... also I really really badly wanna call dibs :P But I know you wanted to do some more before figuring out what to do with them :)


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