Saturday, October 3, 2015

Absurdly Hi-Res Poster Art

by Cory Godbey

The other day I ran across this collection of absurdly hi-res film poster art by Imgur user joinyouinthesun.

Not all of the posters in the 80 piece collection are illustrated but many of them are, featuring the likes of Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel, Roger Kastel, John Alvin, and many more.

As a bonus, they're textless! Many of these (possibly all of them?) I've never seen without any text before and it's great getting the chance to let the image stand alone.

I pulled a few of my favorites here but you'll have to click over and find your own! At very least you got to go click on a few just to see how terrifically high the resolution is on many of them (some much more so than others but they're all pretty big images). Enjoy!


  1. Man, I wish the guy would have properly credited each artists because I really would love to learn more about them! I recognized of few signatures and styles of painting but not that much!

    1. Yeah, the studios don't always credit the artists either, so it's probably pretty difficult to compile a list like this and give credit. But let us know if there are pieces in particular you want to know about. I'm sure the hive mind can help.

  2. Who illustrated the one for Apocalypse Now?

    1. That is Bob Peak. There is a whole chapter dedicated to his Apocalypse Now images in his 'Art of' book.

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