Breaking News

A slight pause in your enjoyment of Greg's post today, but I just learned that our Fearless Leader Dan dos Santos will be lecturing today at the BC Applied Arts class. Here's the info:

BC Applied Arts is at it again. They're offering a free Friday lecture with none other than Dan dos Santos. The lecture is Friday at  3:00 pm EST. There will be an interview discussing his career and work coupled with a Q&A. Dan dos Santos' work spans a variety of genres, including novels, comics and film. He has worked for clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Boeing Aircraft, Saatchi & Saatchi, Scholastic Books, The Greenwich Workshop, Penguin Books, Random House, Tor books, UpperDeck, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics. Also, check out their latest course listings for spring semester on their website. Don't miss it! 

The lecture is free, so hit the link to get in the room! Now back to Greg...