Color Mixing

-By Ron Lemen

Hello again and hope you are all doing well.  My last entry 2 weeks ago I had mentioned that I would post some tips I learned about palette organization and use and some color theory information I learned with Sebastian Capella in this entry.  I had to build the information in these worksheets.  I can organize my thoughts easier when it comes to lots of different points and factoids if I build a worksheet of this sort.  This would have taken me way to long to organize as a blog entry.  If the files are too low-rez to read I have links to high rez versions in a dropbox folder.

The below examples are using the palette system above and doing small color studies pushing the chroma potential in the paintings.  The colors are not made up, they are observed from what color changes are noted in the images.  These are both high rez files that I worked from, and although any image we work from will not be perfect, these have quite a lot of extra color information in them that was captured by the cameras used.

The image on the left is a sunlit reference and the image on the right is a north light or indirect lighting example.

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