Monday, December 28, 2015

In Memoriam 2015

-By Arnie Fenner

Let's take a few moments to celebrate the lives of the members of our art family who left us in 2015. This is, sadly, a rather long list; I've included links where I could so that you can learn a bit more about some of these remarkable creatives.

Jane Aaron b 1935 • Artist/Animator

Brad Anderson b 1924 • Cartoonist

Howard Anderson b 1920 • VFX Artist

Murphy Anderson b 1926 • Comic Artist

Steven Archer b 1957 • Stop-Motion Artist

Jon Arfstrom b 1928 • Artist

Henri Arnold b 1917 • Cartoonist

Paul Bacon b 1923 • Graphic Artist

Luis Bermejo b 1931 • Comic Artist

James O. Berry b 1932 • Cartoonist

Roger Bollen b 1941 • Cartoonist

Marcia Brown b 1919 • Artist

Kate Chappell b 1985 • VFX Artist

Tim Corrigan b 1950 • Cartoonist

John Cooper b 1942 • Comic Artist

Mel Crawford b 1925 • Artist

Stephen Czerkas b 1951 • VFX/Paleo Artist

Roy Doty b 1922 • Cartoonist

Brett Ewins b 1955 • Comic Artist

Otto Frello b 1924 • Artist

Ernst Fuchs b 1930 • Painter

Blaine Gibson b 1918 • Sculptor

S. “Gopulu” Gopalan b 1924 • Cartoonist

Michael C. Gross b 1945 • Artist/Art Director

Steve Hanks b 1949 • Painter

Irwin Hasen b 1918 • Cartoonist

Jack Jurden b 1926 • Cartoonist

Gordon Kent b 1954 • Artist/Animator

Alan Kupperberg b 1953 • Comic Artist

Norman Lee b 1968 • Comic Artist

Charles F. "Chuck" Miller b 1952 • Publisher

Shigeru Mizuki b 1922 • Manga Artist

Tom Moore b 1929 • Comic Artist

Jeffrey Patrick "Jef" Murray b 1960 • Artist

Leonard Nimoy b 1931 • Actor/Director/Photographer

Earl Norem b 1924 • Artist

Noriyoshi Ohrai b 1935 • Artist

Glen Orbik b 1963 • Artist

Monty Oum b 1981 • Animator

Jay Scott Pike b 1924 • Artist

Stephen “The Pizz” Pizzurro b 1958 • Lowbrow Artist

Peter Pontiac b 1951 • Cartoonist/Underground Comix Artist

James R. Powell b 1972 • Artist

Claire Prebble b 1985 • Artist/Costume Designer

Gerard Quinn b 1927 • Artist

Kája Saudek b 1935 • Comic Artist

Nelson Shanks b 1937 • Painter

Aaron Shikler b 1922 • Artist

Leonard Starr b 1925 • Comic Artist/Cartoonist

Yoshihiro Tatsumi b 1935 • Gekiga Artist

Herb Trimpe b 1939 • Comic Artist

Francis Tsai b 1968 • Artist

Carson Van Osten b 1945 • Artist

Cliff Voorhees b 1930 • Comic Artist/Animator

Don "D." West b 1945 • Fan Artist

Jim Whiting b 1926 • Cartoonist

Hermann Zaph b 1918 • Calligrapher

James Zar b 1941 • Painter

Jean “Cabu" Cabut b 1938 • Cartoonist

Stéphane “Charb" Charbonnier b 1967 • Cartoonist

Philippe Honoré b 1941 • Cartoonist

Bernard “Tignous" Verlhac b 1957 • Cartoonist

Georges Wolinski b 1934 • Cartoonist

And finally:

Khaled Mohamad al-Asaad b 1933 • Art & Antiquities scholar
Murdered in Palmyra by ISIS while trying to protect the ancient city's cultural treasures.

Special thanks to Mike Glyer at File 770 for steering me to images for Don West and to those that have helped so far to correct some of my oversights. Likewise, if anyone knows of an artist that passed away in 2015 that I may have missed, please let me know in the comments section.


  1. Thankyou for this listing.Though it made rather sad reading.I was shocked that Earl Norem has passed away, during the summer and I never heard about it .His paintings were on a lot of the comics I bought as a teen.He really captured the "pulp" action feel of the Conan stories.

  2. Good listing, for the Charlie Hebdo victims, you forgot one more : Georges Wolinski

    1. Thanks very much! I've updated the list to include Mr. Wolinski.

  3. Steve Hanks passed away on April 21, 2015

    1. Thanks! I've added Mr. Hanks to the page.

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  5. Dutch underground comic book artist and illustrator Peter Pontiac also died this year:

  6. Danish painter and illustrator Otto Frello (1924-2015)

  7. A list none of want to make but eventually will. Khaled Mohamad al-Asaad, a double loss of life and culture.

    There is another list here with some overlap.

  8. I didnt realise Peter Pontiac died! I was fortunate to exhibit with him in Amsterdam last year. Sad to see some young artists on that list.

  9. I didnt realise Peter Pontiac died! I was fortunate to exhibit with him in Amsterdam last year. Sad to see some young artists on that list.

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  11. Also Adrian Frutiger, typeface designer, born 24 May 1928; died 10 September 2015r...

  12. So many greats. Thanks to you I learned of several with whose work I was unfamiliar. Thank you!

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