Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Apocalyptic Adventures

-By Jesper Ejsing

I have been playing roleplaying games ever since the mid 80´s, and still do. Our group is formed by such opposite guys as possible. We have a Game Designer, a Yoga-Master, a Nasa Scientist, an Author and a Fantasy artist. Both the Author and the Game Designer are artists too, so we have a long history of illustrating the scenes we are playing or especially our characters and the stuff they carry around.

Recently we just switch from a classic fantasy setting. We have played in the same homemade world for the last 10 years, so now we wanted to try something new. This new world is a mix between Miyazaki´s Nausicaa and the new Mad Max movie. And of cause we needed to visualize these new guys and the equipment right away.

Here is some of the figures I came up with. They are loosely based on my brother, the gamemaster´s Ideas. The world is polluted with toxic fungus, so we either live underground or use masks to stay alive.


  1. Simply wonderful! Nice aesthetic.

  2. Wonderful concepts, would you recommend any photoshop(or other digital program) tutorials to learn basic? I love this type of rendering but when it comes to digital art I cannot create anything.

  3. Such a refreshing setting even without saying I felt the nauscicaa feel as it's my favorite of his films

  4. You should try this awesome game by the guys at SixMoreVodka:

    Big fan of your work and big fan of RPGs. Cheers!

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