Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SmArtSchool Class with Greg Manchess

Greg Manchess

Announcing my next online class with Rebecca Guay’s SmArtSchool!

Do you want to guess at what might work in the business, or do you want to know for certain? 

There’s still room to spend thirteen weeks with me and a handful of other artists making great compositions and learning the structure of how to build them. The so-called magic of talent isn’t born, it’s grown. And over the weeks we’ll learn just what that takes.

Some of the topics we’ll cover over the course:

• construct impressive images for your portfolio, step by step
• discuss options for working in the field of illustration
• share secrets for understanding what works and what doesn’t
• find out what illustration clients are willing to buy and what’s needed to attain that

In my past classes we’ve covered topics not generally dealt with in many art schools. My students have found it a safe place to discuss problems that we all face from time to time, including:

• solving creative blocks
• dealing with embarrassment
• embracing failure

Along the way, I’ll show how my own work has changed over the years, the steps I take for real-world assignments, how I build an image, and perform painting demos using my technique to create the final image.

Creating your style isn’t based on finding it, it’s based on building it.

It’s the only way to know for sure.

The work begins February 25th and ends May 25th. Thursdays, 12pm-3pm EST.


  1. I monitored this course last term while I was studying with Rebecca (which was also great), and even just listening in on the course was so rewarding and inspiring that I decided to take the class this term. I'm eagerly looking forward to it.

    If you're considering taking Greg's class, do it - it's going to be amazing!

  2. Hey, Greg... I'm back in your class again.....:-)

  3.'ll be great to have both you guys back, Dave and Doug!
    Let's rock the semester!!
    Get ready to rumble your portfolio!

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