Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Studio Equipment: Heads

-By Dan dos Santos

I find I typically draw better when I have good reference to look at. So I tend to keep a lot of model making supplies around the studio. One of the things I probably have the most of are assorted mannequin heads. It's great to be able to light a plastic head whenever I have a question about the accuracy of my drawing. I even keep a small head in my pencil pouch just in case I ever need the reference.

Its kind of weird just how many heads I have around the studio.

There are little heads...

Big heads...

Even boxes of heads...

I went the craft store today and they had a whole row of heads. All very inexpensive...

I don't believe any of the heads shown above cost more than $25. It's a very small expense that could potentially provide a wealth of information. With the right lighting, you can get some amazing results from even the crudest of models. In my opinion, no studio should be without at least one mannequin head.


  1. Ah, okay.
    Fake, plastic heads would certainly be easier to keep tidy...

  2. Might I ask what store was the last photo taken?

    1. That was taken at Hobby Lobby just a day ago.

  3. The Hot Toys heads are 1/6 scale, so they're quite small. the 1/4 scales are much better but rare.

    1. I use the 1/6 most often actually, because I can build whole dioramas around them. Despite their size, they are unbelievable detailed. The only downside is you do need a good lens to photograph something so small.

  4. I thought about this a few days ago. I do struggle with faces but not as bad with direct observation.

  5. I use this one all the time. It's a good size, good quality, and very affordable!


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